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NEW! Oxygen tubing that doesn't kink!

See Oxygen Tubing Supports for
kink-resistant oxygen tubing!

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Oxygen Tubing Supports

Dual use!

Oxygen tubing straighteners support oxygen tubing and smooth out crimps and bends. Works with nasal cannulas and on oxygen hose. Helps tubing lay flat, too.

3 per pack




Hygienic cover for nasal cannula prongs. Keep prongs off high touch surfaces and floor.


Dual use!


Cradle cheeks and ears comfortably. Reduce red lines.

2 per pack


Keep nasal cannula prongs clean
...and oxygen tubing off the floor!

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Introducing our signature product: the O2 FRESH nasal cannula cover!


Keeps nasal cannula prongs clean, contact-free, and off the floor!

Top shelf dishwasher safe and sanitizable.


"It keeps my nasal cannula off the floor."


"Bag" the 02 FRESH
nasal cannula cover
and oxygen hose holder!

Insert nasal cannula prongs into the open end of the lid-free hard shell case that's always handy in a pocket or hanging nearby on an oxygen concentrator, nasal cannula, or oxygen tank!


The protective barrier increases cleanliness and prevents contact with dust, mold, and more.

Small, lightweight, and sturdy! The nasal cannula cover is easy to set up with two included attachment options. Protect prongs today with this hygienic little cover!

FREE SHIPPING Buy two - one for home and one for on a portable oxygen tank or oxygen carrying bag.

Key chain and wearable clip included!

Top shelf



30 day




Not available on Amazon.

Mobility Management Product Award Winner!

As seen in

magazine and newspaper logos of publications that have featured the nasal cannula holder

Love the product. Great value and easy to use.


A home for nasal cannula prongs that's always handy, never lost!

The nasal cannula cover's patented latch holds nasal cannula prongs away from the sides of the hard shell case and off high touch surfaces and the floor.


Super fast to use, too! Just insert nasal cannula prongs into the cover and go! The no lid design is fumble-free and there's nothing to break.


 Hang the cannula cover right where you need it or put it in your pocket. So convenient!

nasal cannula holder designer.jpg

Award winning  product design

Highly rated

Created by an oxygen therapy user

Top shelf dishwasher safe and sanitizable

Quality materials

Made in America
O2 FRESH oxygen tubing protectors are made of a high quality nylon, not plastic. These tough scratch-proof and crush-proof cannula covers can even be boiled to sanitize. Or just toss them in the top shelf of the dishwasher to clean. So easy!

Shipping daily US

and International!

International ordering:

We serve our international customer through our Etsy store. 

Customer support.

Order today and receive the oxygen tubing cover in 5 to 7 business days.

yellow guarantee seal

Trusted and secure shopping.

Returns: US orders are eligible for a 30 day money back guarantee on your purchase of a cannula cover for oxygen tubing. PayPal, Apple Pay, and all major credit cards accepted.

Our giveback story

A purchase from O2 FRESH unlocks a donation to the non-profit Right2Breathe and other non-profit organizations.

  • The Cannula Cover includes one oxygen nasal cannula protective covers. We recommend the purchase of two: Use at home and put one a portable oxygen concentrator. Keeps nasal cannulas off the floor. Fits Salter Labs, West Med, Medline and other standard brands of nasal cannula.


  • Oxygen Tubing Supports are the answer to the question, "How to keep oxygen tubing from kinking?" It makes nasal cannula or oxygen tubing kink resistant and helps oxygen tubing lay flat. Available in a multi-color 3 pack.


  • Soft Nasal Cannula Face Protectors fit tightly to the oxygen tubing. Reduces rubbing and lines across the face. There are two oxygen tube covers per package.

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