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Kink Patch Kit For Kink Resistant Oxygen Tubing


For kink resistant oxygen tubing, add oxygen tubing support with a 3 pack of oxygen tubing straighteners and build kink resistant oxygen tubing suitable for home oxygen therapy!


Oxygen tubing straightener supports oxygen tubing and fixes kinks in the oxygen tube! O2 FRESH oxgyen tubing support keeps oxygen tubing open and adds kink resistance to tubing. It's the answer to the question: how to keep oxygen tubing from kinking?


Sometimes kinks form on the oxygen tubing near the nozzle, and sometimes in the 25 foot of oxygen tubing that spreads across the floor where it tangles and bends. Wrap the coil around the nasal cannula or oxygen tubing and slide into place for oxygen tubing support. Rarely, the support will slide down the tubing, especially if using with a nebulizerr tubing. That's easily fixed by adding a piece of tape to the tubing to thicken it. Put the oxygen tubing support over the tape. 


To install, wrap the coil patch around oxygen tubing wherever the crimp occures to provide support. The oxygen tubing support provided by the coil keeps oxygen tubing open. The crimp patch stretches and moves with tubing while keeping the kink from redeveloping. 


COLOR VARIES. Keep out of reach of children. 

UNIVERSALLY ATTACHABLE Oxygen tubing support covers are easy to install! Simply wind around the oxygen tubing.

NOT INCLUDED Oxygen tubing not incuded. Oxygen carrying bag not included.

INSTALLATION Wrap coil around tubing over the crimp.


MORE PRODUCTS Interested in the signature O2 FRESH nasal cannula cover and other O2 FRESH products? See them here.



Not a medical device. Not intended to treat or prevent any medical condition. Keep out ouf reach of children and pets. Not a toy. Nasal cannula, oxygen tank, wheelchair, and other props in the product photos are not included.

Kink Resistant Oxygen Tubing, Oxygen Tubing Support, Helps Tubing Lay Flat, 3 pk

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    2 inches long




    O2 FRESH


    Oxygen Tubing. Nasal Cannula Tubing. Tubing Patch. Kink resistant. For Oxygen Therapy. For Oxygen Therapy At Home. Best Nasal Cannula. Best Oxygen Tubing. Oxygen Tubing Protector.

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