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  • What nasal cannulas fit in the O2 FRESH cannula cover™?
    Most adult low-flow and some high-flow nasal cannulas fit into the O2 FRESH™ cannula cover. To see if your brand will fit, see the updated list here.
  • How long can I use the O2 FRESH™ cannula cover?
    We recommend replacing the cannula cover after three months of use. However, if you clean and sanitize it regularly, you can use it longer with your oxygen concentrator, portable oxygen concentrator, or nasal cannula.
  • How do I clean or sanitize the O2 FRESH™ cannula cover?
    Recommended methods are listed here.
  • Are your products made in the USA?
    Yes, they are! We chose our manufacturers carefully, and they are all US-based. Our founders personally toured each facility and can attest to the fact that each location is well-maintained and fully staffed. In line with our values, the O2 FRESH™ cannula cover supplier is a veteran-owned manufacturer. And, our O2 FRESH™ Comfy Oxygen Tubing Covers are made by a non-profit that specializes in job training. You can read even more here about the quality of the material the O2 FRESH is made of and that means for you here!
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