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These versatile vinyl oxygen in use stickers are a visual alert to visitors to the home about the danger of oxygen and the need for fire safety. If you've bought a medical alert bracelet, first aid kit, or have a chronic illness that requires the use of a nasal cannula, these stickers are the next best logical purchase. 


The New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control recommends oxygen users place at least one No Smoking sign near the entrance to the home and warn visitors not to smoke near you when using oxygen.


Using supplemental oxygen - or storing it - increases the amount of oxygen in the air, making it easy for a fire to start and then to spread. Because fire needs 02 to burn and spread, oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators like Inogen are an increased risk of fire for which a caution sign in the home is needed. 


In addition, the small amount of oxygen that vents from oxygen cylinders can accumulate in a small space and become a fire hazard, according to the fire safety experts.


For people who have difficult lungs as part of a chronic illness that require the use of oxygen at home, these stickers will help label the danger. 


Indoor and outdoor.


Use as a caution sign on the door, an oxygen tank, or window or as medical gifts.


Don't forget to tag the exterior parts of the home to alert first responders to the danger as well!



The vinyl stickers are - 3 inches high and 3 inches wide - and an attention-getting bright red. They are highly visible.


Sun resistant, water proof, scratch-proof, fade resistant.



You get three stickers per package. 



Contact us for pricing



Ships next day via USPS with door-to-door tracking.


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Not a medical device. Not intended to treat or prevent any medical condition. Keep out ouf reach of children and pets. Not a toy. Nasal cannula, oxygen tank, wheelchair, and other props in the product photos are not included.



Not for commercial use.

3 pack Oxygen In Use Stickers, Promotes Fire Safety, Use Sign Indoor Or Outdoor

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